From The Bottom:
The Life of Myrna

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From The Bottom: The Life of Myrna is the life story of Myrna Boles, from her birth in rural Tennessee in 1932 in the worst years of The Great Depression to the current day. Her book details her struggles growing up in rural Tennessee with an alcoholic father, and a mother on the edge of insanity. Surviving abuse and bullying on the streets of Detroit during World War II as well as surviving horrible marriages, cancer, heart attacks, and two near-death experiences, her story is inspirational.

The publisher comments: "Powerful, unflinching, and impactful, your impressive memoir explores the scars of abuse and a decidedly pronounced lack of affection in life. Without hesitation, you dive into the depths of a painful history and reveal how horrible events can influence both our future decisions as well as our present well-being, a lesson readers will undoubtedly never forget after they journey through your touching story. "

To help support those in need, a portion of the proceeds of this book will go to various charities. Even if you do not purchase my book, please go to the "Help Those in Need" link to give a donation of any size or view information on how you can volunteer in your community.

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After you read the book, her life story continues online in From the Bottom: The life of Myrna Continues. Please read the book first, though.